Curriculum Vitae

~ Curriculum Vitae ~


My experience spans over 20 years with a variety of disciplines and technologies, in both small business and large corporate environments. My responsibilities have included implementations, support, multi-site staff management, technology reviews and recommendations, projects, technology forecasting, budgets, and more.

As an educator, my practical industry knowledge and my outgoing teaching skills offer students a enjoyable and fulfilling learning experience.

My goal is to find an IT management position with a great team dynamic that fosters employee growth and opportunity, and/or a rewarding training/instructor/faculty position.

Teaching Philosophy

Teachers are not only responsible for presenting information, but also being sure that that information has meaning and purpose. I believe that students should be challenged with the information that teachers provide. They should be able to think freely and question that information and understand why it is the way it is and if an alternative to the information is appropriate.

As each student is different, it is important to be observant and flexible in a teaching approach. Some students are visual learners, while others are very hands-on. Having different angles available to present and practice course materials is very important to reach every learner and to ensure their success.

I have over 20 years of practical hands-on experience that I like to share. My presentation and communication skills are polished by my fine arts training, and I have a knack for public speaking/presenting. Most importantly, I enjoy teaching and watching others learn from what I can share.



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