Learning Terraform – Getting Started with Windows

Learning Terraform – Getting Started with Windows.

If you use AWS routinely, then you know how many clicks it takes to configure a service, such as, an EC2 instance. Imagine the number of clicks it takes to set up multiple instances along with VPCs, EBS volumes, Routing Tables, and more. Fortunately, automation is possible.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC), expands upon the idea of DevOps and automation, and is used for IT networks and infrastructures. What this means is, that we can deploy servers and other services in the cloud via a script (code) and without all of the manual clicking to configure every little detail.

So how is this done?

There are a few ways, including using Amazon’s own CloudFormation service. However, I’ve been using a third-party software tool that is quickly becoming my new favorite toy, Terraform.

In this post I will cover getting Terraform set up in a Windows environment. First, we need to download Terraform from the Terraform website. As of the writing of this post, version 0.11.7 is available. The download for Windows will be a zip file that contains the Terraform executable file.

Learning Terrafrom

Once the file is downloaded, extract the executable file (.exe) from the zip to a permanent and convenient location. I’ve extracted the file to a folder named Terraform at the root of my C drive.

Next, we have to include the folder where the Terraform executable resides in the Windows path. This will allow the Terraform executable to be called from any directory within Windows.

There are few ways to get to the Windows Environment Variables settings to set the path. Typing the words Environment Variables in the Windows Start Button search will provide a link to get to the System Properties settings page.

Learning Terraform

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